[LAU] Laptop Sound Adapter for Ripping my Vinyl Album Collection

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Fri Jun 27 11:11:48 EDT 2008

I'm gonna bite the bullet and rip all my music to play it around
the house via my computers.  I've got really good music gear
for the job in my home studio.  But, my turntable and record
collection is just about as far from there in my house as is
possible.  I don't want to move either set of gear.  Instead
I want to get sound adapter for a laptop I've got and do the
ripping at the location where my turntable resides now.  My
laptop has USB.  I don't know if it's USB1 or USB2.  But, I can
get a cardslot to USB adapter for cheap, if need be.

I'm planning to store my digital music losslessly, in either FLAC
or WAVPACK.  I want the music to sound as good after being ripped
as it did on my pretty good home stereo via the turntable.  I
know I need at least 2 channels, but I'd go with 4 channels on
the adapter, if it didn't cost me double.

What would you recommend as a sound adapter for this job, and why?



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