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Sat Jun 28 06:28:24 EDT 2008

schoappied schrieb:

Sorry, no, I didn't realize I was sending to you only. This one gets me just so 

> Thanks, for your comment... (did you realize it was just to me and not 
> to the LAU mailinglist?)

I have some limited experience playing other keyboards/E-Pianos than my own old 
Roland JX-305, which is a 61-semi weighted keys synth which specialised in 
'Dance, R&B, Techno' etc kind of sounds. It was the keyboard version of the 
MC-505 Groovebox in fact. Initially, I started off as a guitarist and just 
wanted to have a keyboard/synth to play some accompaniments to my guitar 
noodling. Today I play more keyboard then guitar, also for other reasons.

I have tried/played some diff. keyboards/controllers, like i.e. the M-Audio 
Keystation Pro 88 (favoring a controller/softsynth approach), some of the better 
Roland/Yamaha Stagepianos, the Yamaha CP-series and then some...
I personally most often preferred the Roland keys in the lower pricerange, the 
Yamaha keys win in the upper pricerange IMHO. The CP series i.e. are all high 
quality, keys and soundwise. But then these are all outta your pricerange I 
guess, unless you'll find some 2nd hand top offer.													
> I think you speak some right words.. Have you experience with playing 
> elektr. piano/ keyboards?

Polyphony is the max playable number of notes that can be played at any one 
time. So, if you're playing a simple C chord, you'll use up 3 voices of 
polyphony (C - E - G). But if now you keep them ringing with the sustain pedal 
to play some single notes over your chord, you stack up the voices.
Since Piano/E-Piano playing very much involves your sustain pedal, it quickly 
builds up to way more then 32 voices.

> Where do you use polyphony for? Does 64-voices of polyphony also mean 
> that the keyboard has 64 keys?

Good luck in your search. It may be worth checking local garage sales, flea 
markets and the 'for sale' columns of your local newspaper/hebdomadal magazines.

> Yes, I try to find somewhat second hand.
> And I will take some hours to test a bit in a local store. Good advice, 
> thanks!
> Dirk

Raphael ;)
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