[LAU] recording with firewire device and webcam / alsa and freebob together

Nick Urban nickurban at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 18:03:24 EDT 2008


I just joined the list, so I hope this is the right place for this question..

I have a M-Audio Firewire solo which I use with jack and firebob to
record audio.

I was thinking about making a little video with my Quickcam 9000 Pro,
but because the audio quality of its built-in mic is poor, I wanted to
use my nice studio mic instead. I am currently using guvcview to
record with the camera, and it has a selection of input options, on
which, when jack is running, an extra option appears: "system". I
thought, wow, maybe this actually supports jack! But when I try using
that option it just crashes. Oh well, I didn't expect that to work

But I thought, okay, maybe I can set up a virtual ALSA device that
somehow connects to jack. Then I could record for that device, which
would actually just be a jack sink (which I would have connected my
mic input to). I can't figure out any way to do that, though. I
searched around for ALSA jack clients, couldn't find anything. I tried
running two different jack instances (one with alsa, one with
freebob), but they didn't seem to be aware of each other when I looked
at the connections panel in qjackctl.

Does anyone have any suggestions here? Another reason I'd like jack
and ALSA to play together is so that I can use my speakers (which are
connected to my PCI sound card) to play audio from Ardour while I am
working on takes with my firewire interface.

Thanks for your help!


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