[LAU] [OT] first computer ?

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sat Nov 1 14:49:15 EDT 2008

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings,
> For no reason beyond boredom I decided to pester this list with an OT 
> topic or two. So, without further delay:
> What was your first computer ?

first "contact" was a triumph-adler (german manufacturer of typewriters,
sewing machines, and, incidentally, computers) machine running cp/m on a
zilog z80, at the primary school where my father worked.

first machine i really knew how to use (still not my own, but my
father's) was an 8086 with 640k ram at 8 mhz (or 4.77 when i was
annihilating my father's tetris record - he never found out how to
underclock the thing :-D)

first audio machine i used many years later (1998, i think) was an sgi
indy running irix, with snd on it.

first machine i actually owned was a dual p2/350mhz with 256m ram and a
4g scsi drive (yay!). i upped it over the years to a dual 800 p3 with 1
gig ram and phased it out after seven years.

> And for extra points:
> What was the first music/sound software you used that really hooked you 
> into this making-music-with-computers fad ?

snd and its ability to display fft graphs. what a great learning tool.
apart from that, i used it to edit live recordings.


funny idea for an off-topic thread. i'm looking forward to other postings...

jörn nettingsmeier

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Kurt is up in Heaven now.

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