[LAU] Music made with linux

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Sun Nov 9 08:53:34 EST 2008

Den Saturday 08 November 2008 15.40.14 skrev Atte André Jensen:
> Hi
> I placed a new track "Stille hvisken" ("Quiet whisper") here:

I like it. At first I thought it was to much blips and blops but the longer 
the piece played the more I felt woa, good stuff. I'm normally not into this 
kind of music but I think you hit some of the rare spots that made me like 
it. Nice playing and nice vocals.

One thing I thought of was that I would like to know how you made the piece. 
We have a newspaper (a bit like soundonsound) called Studio in Sweden that 
has a column that's called "Spår för spår" (track by track). It's really 
interesting and it makes me learn a lot in the way it is written. If you have 
the time (I know it's quite lot to ask for) it would be more than welcome if 
you could do something similar.

Have a look at http://studio.idg.se/2.1078/1.124820 for an example. It's in 
Swedish but I have a feeling you might be able to stumble through the 
language :-). If not but you might be able to do a ruff translation into 
English through Google or similar.

Translated url (sv->en):


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