[LAU] VirtualBox and MIDI (Bob van der Poel)

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Sun Nov 9 17:59:30 EST 2008

Mirko Horstmann wrote:
> linux-audio-user-request at lists.linuxaudio.org schrieb:
>  > Has anyone managed (or knows if it's possible) to use my MIDI output
>  > on a Audiophile 24/96 card under Windows XP in a virtualbox host? I'd
>  > like to run one program from time to time (a casio utility to set up
>  > my keyboard).
> Don't know much about VirtualBox, but have you tried to run it with 
> Wine? I'm using a utility for my Yamaha QY70 inside Wine and with an 
> Audiophile 2496 and it works very well (that software is an old Win 3.1 
> application, though).

Thanks for that suggestion. I've tried it in the past with wine with no 
success ... but before I replied to you suggestion with a "been there, 
done that" I figured I'd try it again. Amazing, it now works! Well, not 
100% ... but, honestly, it works better in wine than it did running on a 
laptop with real XP. Figure!

What really gets me is how consistently manufactures can write such 
crappy software and keep it proprietary when doing an open spec would 
get lots of other folks involved to help them. Ahh, an old rant.

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