[LAU] Qtractor vs Rosegarden

James Cameron quozl at us.netrek.org
Wed Nov 12 03:28:01 EST 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 05:41:29PM +1030, Matthew Smith wrote:
> After many attempts at building Rosegarden, both with the Gentoo ebuilds 
> and now by hand, with updates to KDE libraries, etc., it still crashes. 
>   Too much time wasted, three months on and I still haven't made a note 
> of music.

Ugh.  I'd use a prebuilt, rather than waste three months.

> I have now moved onto Qtractor - this was mentioned in an earlier thread 
> and appealed to me as it is not infected with KDEitis.

Heh.  For me it meant my KDE selection of font sizes wasn't used when I
started Qtractor.  I wish I knew how to enlarge the fonts.

> Qtractor builds, it runs, it doesn't crash (yet).  Woohoo!
> Having had a quick look over it, the interface looks cleaner and less 
> overwhelming than Rosegarden.


> Just out of interest, what - if any - are the pros and cons of 
> Rosegarden versus Qtractor?  For myself, as an unsophisticated user, is 
> Qtractor (as it appears) all I'll ever need?

Depends on what you need.

I'm an occasional user of Rosegarden.  I've just tried Qtractor because
you mentioned it.  I'm impressed.  It starts far faster and feels more
responsive, but that's subjective, I didn't do a precise timing.  It is
certainly cleaner and simpler.

Quick summary of the difference ... Rosegarden has notation editing,
score production, a matrix editor, a percussion matrix editor, a MIDI
event editor, segments that can be triggered by others.  Qtractor lacks
these, or I could not find them.  Do you need them?  It depends on how
important they are to your workflow.

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