[LAU] Single Play MP3 player

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Thu Nov 13 13:41:30 EST 2008

Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hi!
>   I'd go for the script. Name your files like:
> 01-my_title.mp3
> 02-my_second_title.mp3
>   And then use something like the following:
> *** BEGIN ***
> #!/bin/bash
> for F in *.mp3 do
>   mplayer $F
>   read -p "Press a key and <ENTER> " KEY;
> done
> *** END ***
>   You could then even do something with your key. Something like:
> case "$KEY" in
>   q)
>     echo "Quit the loop";
>     ;;
>   r)
>     echo "Repeat the last title";
>     ;;
> esac;
>   You'll have to work with a while loop for some of this, but still, 
> rather flexible.
>   You could even put this:
> sleep 5
>    before the mplayer command, so you'll have time to switch back to 
> your lyrics or whatever...
>   Another thing, about which I'm absolutely not sure, is to try xmms. 
> I've heard they have a lot of things about playlists...

Well, if I need to I can prettly easily convert a program I already have 
(xplaymidi) which calls up midi files and convert it to call mplayer or 
whatever. It is probably easier/quicker to do that than to try get a 
fancy player to do something simple ... just figured that someone else 
would have done it already :)

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