[LAU] Single Play MP3 player

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Thu Nov 13 18:58:36 EST 2008

carmen wrote:
> your laptop is going to get stolen and beer poured on it.. plus why waste all those wawtts just to play a mp3?
> you want the 19 euro MP3 player from ALDI, next to the candy bars in the checikout aisle

Yeah, you're probably right :) I was going to use my personal player, 
but the screen is quite small. I could probably get one of the $20 ones 
with a bigger screen.

Do you know if any of these support single file play? I fudged this on 
my older player by creating a play list with "silent" files after every 
track, but seems to be kludgy way to do things.

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