[LAU] one general question concerning puredata

maex at firstfloor.org maex at firstfloor.org
Sat Nov 15 03:48:22 EST 2008

> the short answer, in the terms your question was posed in, is datastream
> management.
> the slightly longer answer is that pure data (and max) are derived from
> the original Music N language's conception of how to manage this kind of
> thing (the same ideas still found in CSound and SuperCollider). even
> though they have gone far beyond it, they continue to distinguish
> between audio & control datastreams for reasons that are mostly related
> to efficiency. there are many, many cases where control data being
> delivered at a bits-per-second rate significantly below that of audio
> (or even as a stream of events rather than a constant flow) is more than
> adequate, and saves a lot of CPU cycles.


thanks for the answer, so in a way it is a rational construction
to save cpu time. exactly this i figured out for instance with the snapshot conversion
and a fast metro, and i thought it might be better to have just one
stream of data instead of converting the different streams back and forth, but
this thinking was wrong. i am amused that this still is a issue at these times.


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