[LAU] new laptop redux

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Thu Nov 20 11:50:44 EST 2008

>    I cannot speak to Ubuntu. I've never run it. However I've run
> Gentoo 64-bit for a few years now. All I can say is that while 64-bit
> Linux works, and works well, there are a lot of real world limitations
> in terms of accessing media from the web. While no where near as bad
> as they used to be you will likely run into issues with Java and Flash
> under 64-bit, and the decoders for things like Windows media file
> types are almost always a bit more difficult than on our 32-bit
> machines. Again, no where near as bad as they used to be, but not as
> good as the 32-bit versions.

flash works fine under 64bit now. althoua stlil freezes opera like the 32bit ver has for ages

its ben _years_ since a codec didnt work for me out of the box on _Debian_ which is known to not install anything with dubious patent stuff. in other words, whatever divx/xcvid/x264 crap it has plays anbything ive run across. 

also the nonsense with the staggered NvidiaATI rlease schedules usually meaning your kenrle must be 0.0.2 behind the latest which means some other piece of new hardware on your new machine doesnt work because it wasnt in that kernel, is why id never get a NvidiaATI based notebook after enduring 3 years of atht hell.

compiz working out of the box on the latest linus release and linux-next on montevina/x40500 was real nice...

sorrh, delete is sending ctrl-h bringing up emacs help. thus the typos

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