[LAU] 8 channel mixer/equalizer implementation suggestions needed

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sat Nov 22 20:08:09 EST 2008

   I'm no expert on this, but here's a bit of brick-or-brack I've worked with.
   You could use Fons Adriaensons filters.so as an EQ. It's a parametric EQ 
with four bands in a LADSPA-plugin. Worked quite well for me.
   Ecasound has a simple bypass-switch, which works in realtime. So I can 
decide to use or to bypass all effects placed in a "chain".
   You could use JACKD and somekind of audio-application to do versatile 
routing. Of course the simple routing can be done with jack_connect and 
jack_disconnect alone. But you need the LADSPA-host in between. I'd suggest 
ecasound, because it's commandline only, but it has a lot of stuff built-in, 
more than you'll need. But I suppose, if you want to write an ap for yourself, 
you could do a LADSPA-host with a hardcoded max-input and max-output number. 
the routing might be done using some jack_connect code on the outside or 
inside your app.
   About the soundcards and JACK: Best way would be to have one soundcard. 
Second best, I GUESS, would be to have two, but only one JACK and sync the 
cards via wordclock. You could use ALSA to build a virtual device, at least 
I've heard of it being done.
   I hope generic and inprecise as it is, it might help.
   Kindest regards

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