[LAU] alsa midi to jack midi

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 03:49:23 EST 2008


I've been looking at ingen ( http://drobilla.net/software/ingen/ ). Had 
some problems getting it to build, but the trick turns out to be to 
install liblo and libsoup bfore you configure the build. It's a really 
nice bit of software - a GUI modular synth that lets you design and save 
simple patches which can then be used as building blocks for more 
complex ones.

The main problem I'm having with it so far is that it doesn't seem to 
understand alsa midi - only jack midi. This is difficult as I don't have 
or know of any midi programs (particularly a virtual keyboard) which 
produce jack midi signals.

Does anyone know of an easy way to convert alsa midi into jack midi and 
vice versa?


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