[LAU] Zyn and the art of jack audio/midi

Folderol folderol at ukfsn.org
Sat Aug 1 10:50:47 EDT 2009

On Sat, 01 Aug 2009 12:52:44 +0200
Atte Andre Jensen <atte.jensen at gmail.com> wrote:

> cal wrote:
> > There's an experimental patch against the 2.4.0 release tarball at
> > <http://www.graggrag.com/?q=node/19>.
> I played a bit with it, and it seems to work fine. I only selected 
> patches and played them on the keyboard, though. Someone (Will Godfrey, 
> perhaps) should stress test it with heavy load and see wht happens.

I've marked this for having a look at, but I've had a series of IT
problems lately :(

Will J Godfrey

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