[LAU] [ANN] + Re: Re : MIDI clock & sync

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Aug 2 04:36:14 EDT 2009

   I can build from git, no problem. I'll clone it in a minute.
   As to follow MIDI start/stop, midish should be able to do it. Get midish:
   Install it and then in the example .midishrc in your home dir, which you can 
copy from the manual you can do something like:
dnew 0 "20:0" rw # your ALSA sequencer soundcard client

   You connect your app to the soundcard, the you load a midifile:
import "test.mid"
   Then you set your soundcard as master:
devsetmaster 0 # set device 0 as master
dclkrx 0 # set device 0 to be the clock source
   Then send a jack-transport start with i.e. ecasound:
ecasound -c -i jack_auto,fluidsynth -o out.wav -G:jack,eca,send
   jack_auto,fluidsynth will take input from fluidsynth, use some other 
clientname if you use another softsynth.
   Hope that helps!
   Kindest regards

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