[LAU] Jack-enabled CLI Player

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Aug 2 10:17:55 EDT 2009

Hi David!
   I believe nowadays there's sndfile-jackplay. If sndfile really supports ogg, 
it should play this.
   Then there's alsaplayer. Despite the name it does do the trick. At least it 
did a few years back, when I had it installed.
   ecasound can do it, although you might also think it heavy. In any case it 
just relies on ogg123.
   You might do it with a small pipe. Something like:
oggdec -o - <1> | sndfile-jackplay [whatever options] -
   Where "-" of course is stdin/stdout respectively. If you know of more 
smalltime jackplayers in commandline mod, I think there was something called 
jackplay, you can whomp up those pipes yourself easily.
   A last alternative, I can think of, is using the JACK module of ALSa. This 
only works, if .asoundrc or alsa's system-wide config is set to include the 
jack-plugin as the default output. Then you could use ogg123.
   A last question/doubt: Doesn't libao support jack today? If so ogg123 would 
work in any case, because it uses libao as output. But as I said, I don't 
   Kindest regards

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