[LAU] [ffado] Recommend FireWire Hardware from the Following

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Mon Aug 3 16:42:21 EDT 2009

On Monday 03 August 2009 21:48:57 Ray Rashif wrote:
> I'm happy to report that a Saffire Pro 10 has worked fine with my chipset.
> My friend uses it with Windows and he has noted that it's a little dodgy on
> that platform as well, so Ricoh is well-known to be bad regardless of
> operating system. Anyway, connected, all inputs tested working fine..just a
> little disappointed that i could not get less than 5ms jackd latency. Will
> be using it this saturday for an orchestral recording. Wish me luck!

5ms is _really_ short enough. Anything below 20ms is good enough for playing 
piano (and doing software monitoring). And to compare it with the other 
operating system not to be named here, that is actually pretty good.

If you only record, be sure to use higher latencies to give your disk more 
time and to allow larger junks to be processed. But not to large as the 
firewire-host could not like that. :-)

Be sure to test your setup before. And be sure to tell us how it went!

Have fun,

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