[LAU] Python and MIDI orientation for a project

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Mon Aug 3 17:06:34 EDT 2009


Just to say, I think this is mainly related to Lin-Audio-Dev, so I wont be  
sending to lin-user in furthur replies..

And on the topic for a second, python bindings exist for MidiDings, a  
module that can use both AlsaSeq & Jack Midi.
I have a very limited amound of experince with it, as i found the AlsaSeq  
python package to be much simpler to use.
(It does however not support Jack Midi.) Might i suggest to use AlsaSeq  
first if this is your first Python/Midi project,
despite there only being a few demos/tutorials for AlsaSeq, its a great way  
to get acces to the Alsa Sequencer.

AlsaSeq also has a "Helper-Module", called alsamidi, which helps creating  
messages in a generic & easy way without
getting your hands dirty in Midi bytes, commands & the likes. (it comes  
with the AlsaSeq tarball, so you'll get it automatically.)

Cheers, -Harry
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