[LAU] Kim did the switch to Linux

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Nice article. But colored by ideology.

I "switched" from Linux to Mac because...

-Now I have the freedom of choice what kind of apps I want to use (free software or pro apps)
-I have no more headache about bad RT Kernels and user permissions
-Only one audio system - core audio - and it is easy to handle
-It works rock stable and very intuitive
-a very good workflow covering all technics of modern multimedia production
-the audio apps are mature production tools with all features I need
-Ableton Live - more then a DAW
-I can work with video and audio together without crashes
-I'm more productive with a Mac environment
-I doesn't need to be an geek/nerd to use my computer but I can if I want

Only some points. Very subjective.

I'm not "against" Linux -I think it is a nice OS for audionerds with a good amount of time.
And for pure harddisk recording, developing and testing new concepts. Sooperlooper is an good example: first made for Linux, then ported to OS X and now the "mainstream-Daws" Live and Logic have loopers as new features in their latest versions.


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> Hallo,
> here's an excellent read about Kim Casone (of .microsound and this list,
> too)
> switching from Mac to Linux:
> http://createdigitalmusic.com/2009/08/04/linux-music-workflow-switching-from
> -mac-os-x-to-ubuntu-with-kim-cascone/
> (URL in one line)
> Great work, Kim!
> Ciao
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> Frank
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