[LAU] Kim did the switch to Linux

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Aug 5 10:49:20 EDT 2009

The freedom being described will only come with interoperability, an 
"openDAWS" or AAF-XML (some day) standard that I can use what I want, when I 
want (with the common features).

Macs always catered to the artist/composer/author that just wants it to work, 
first try.

Windows had the mass-market to produce polished applications.

Linux--can do anything but linux folks tend not to shell out the bucks the 
windows users do so applications are not ported or polished. Heck, the Mac OSX 
is based on freeBSD, a hop, skip and jump from linux--most of those lovely mac 
toys could relatively easily be ported if folks would pay for them. Neither 
will vendors create drivers (nor will they happily resease enough information 
to let opensource hackers do the job!).

I have time and money (and data-files) invested in windows audio. No 
interoperability? The window partitions must remain. Not much choice.

The MIDI tools I use work with WINE (with a few qwerks) so I can go that far 
in Linux. My better sound card has no ALSA. I would like to do new projects 
starting in linux. Existing ones remain in .... window-98!

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