[LAU] Zyn and the art of software maintenance [nee art of jack audio/midi]

cal cal at graggrag.com
Thu Aug 6 05:31:20 EDT 2009

cal wrote:
[ ... ]
> There's an experimental patch against the 2.4.0 release tarball at
> <http://www.graggrag.com/?q=node/19>.
> I've restructured the audio and midi drivers, and added Alsa audio. It
> builds with multiple audio/midi options, nominate what to actually use
> via command line parameters. The build options and default choices are
> set as per normal in Makefile.inc.
> If any mildly adventurous zyn enthusiast cared to try a build && run, I'd
> appreciate 25 words or less on the experience. At the moment I'm mostly
> interested in jack audio/midi performance.
> The patch applies from the ZynAddSubFX-2.4.0/ directory, then off to src/
> to edit Makefile.inc and build as usual.

In the spirit of Yoshimi I have battled the monster.
zyn2.4.0++.2.patch.bz2  @ <http://www.graggrag.com/?q=node/19>

random notes ...
- the samplerate and buffer size reported by jack are now used by zyn. Alsa
 & OSS audio still rely on zyn settings or command line parameters.

- initialization of Master moved from the constructor to Master::Init(). Apart
 from enabling the jack thing, this hints at possibilities for re-initializing
 without restarting the app. Re-init audio, re-init Master, and act like
 nothing's wrong. Haven't thought too much about how to put that together

- the jack midi remains a total contradiction of the fundamental principles
 of Jack midi :-(. I think there's potential for conformance, but for now
 I'll plead a case for special dispensation.

- builds with g++ 4.2 (for me at least)

- less experimental perhaps, but little mushroom clouds are still quite

cheers. Cal

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