[LAU] Freewheeling, keyboard

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 18:05:30 EDT 2009

James Stone wrote:
> Grammostola Rosea wrote:
>> Ok, solved it. It seems there was an other version installed from 
>> source. When I start fweelin from terminal, I think that one was started 
>> (isn't that strange? I have it more often though... ).
>> When I start it from menu, it seems to work fine.
>> Thanks for support!
> Not that strange - hand-installed from source usually puts the files in 
> /usr/local/ whereas system installs go to /usr/. when you type fweelin 
> on command line, the search path has /usr/local before /usr. You should 
> always uninstall hand-installed files first before installing to /usr. 
> (I've made this mistake many times before - can lead to very strange and 
> difficult to diagnose bugs).
Thanks for the tip. Someone told me, when installing from source or 
aptitude, the latest will overwrite  the older one. But this isn't the 
case when one is installed in /usr/local (source) and the other in /usr/ 
mmhh ok, good lesson.


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