[LAU] recording my new band

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 00:16:11 EDT 2009

Hey all,
so i'm in a band now, and our first jam session was AWESOME. Fantastic
stuff. I'm keen on recording our next jam and wondered how i should do

4 band members,
Instruments are:
Vocals 2 female, one male and one other guy who might sing.
Acoustic Rhythm guitar
Acoustic Lead guitar
and a drummer playing tambourine and bongos and a stomp box kick drum :)

I have an echo gina 3g, one condenser mic and one cheap crappy dynamic
mic. So far i'm just using the condenser.  If everyone is in the same
room is it worth while micing everyone?

My gina takes in ADAT, should I buy an ADAT 8X mic preamp and a few
mics? Would it be better just to have a couple of mics randomly about
the room? Would you get wacky phase effects? It would be great to get
a good stereo mix easily. We can record one instrument at a time and
multi track fine with ardour at the moment, i just mostly want a good
way to capture our jam sessions so we can listen how it sounds.

If mics is the answer what should i grab? Cheap is fine.


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