[LAU] rfc: wineasio patch

Joakim Hernberg jbh at alchemy.lu
Tue Aug 11 07:00:11 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I've made some changes to wineasio that I'd like some feedback on.

1. Fixes wrongly reported ASIO output latency
2. Changes the SCHED_FIFO priority of the win32 callback thread
     * Calls jack_client_real_time_priority() to get recommended priority
     * Removes hard coded SCHED_FIFO priority of 86 for the entire process
     * Sets win32 callback thread to SCHED_FIFO priority suggested by JACK
3. Adds a fork with call to qjackctl from the ASIOControlPanel()

I am going away for 3 weeks on 15/8, but am looking forwards to all and any 
feedback when I return.

Personally I use wineasio together with reaper under wine.  Best results so 
far have been achieved by running JACK realtime and set to default priority, 
with the entire wine session running SCHED_FIFO at priority 1, thus invoked by 
the following: chrt -f 1 env WINEPREFIX="/home/jack/.wine" wine "C:\Program 

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