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Chip VanDan chip.vandan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 17:58:01 EDT 2009

Thank you dearly for the pointers.  I'm not settled on the color
scheme of the blog yet and experimenting with the software available.
As a matter of fact while I was experimenting with a new host for my
music site I discovered that they supported WordPress and was able to
fairly easily install it to my new site, therefore I am moving the
blog to a subdirectory on my main site.  It will now be located at

As far as the low latency/realtime issues I am aware of them, however,
I have had no problem with them.  This is probably because I have used
solely distros pre-tuned with low latency kernels and that is what I
encouraged in my article.  My approach is more towards the musician
coming to Linux to take advantage of recording capabilities, which is
what I was (and still am).  Thank you for the advice though.  I may
gather some information and make a quick post in the future about low
latency kernels.

Currently I'm detailing everything I know about seq24 while gathering
enough intel to thoroughly cover ZynAddSubFX, I anticipate that will
be a fairly long post, but I don't think I can cover every bell and

2009/8/12 Bengt Gördén <bengan at bag.org>:
> Den Tuesday 11 August 2009 23.42.55 skrev Chip VanDan:
>> Hey there everyone,
>> I'm in the process of retooling my website and adding a blog aimed at
>> beginners to Linux audio.  My next article is going to be a detailed
>> description on how use ZynAddSubFX and also a "down and dirty" on how
>> to create unique voices for Zyn and save them.
> This I need. I'm really useless of handling a synth.
>> I have a ton of unique
>> voices for Zyn that I've created over the years that I would like to
>> share as part of the article, but I'm not sure on the best way to
>> package them for download.  My initial plan was to save each one as a
>> separate .xmz file and zip all that together but would it be better to
>> open up the banks folder where they are all saved and zip them up from
>> there?
>> Also if anybody wants to sharpshoot glaring errors in the articles on
>> my blog (all 2 entries so far) it is available @
>> http://makinglinuxmusic.blogspot.com
> I can't really comment on the writing itself in your article. My mother tongue
> is not English. But I would like to make two comments. One about the ease of
> reading. You have white for the text and some sort of grey for the
> background. I do find reading longer texts difficult when they are coloured
> like that. A way to solve my problem is to read the article directly in
> firefox as a atom-feed[1]. It gives me the look that I prefer. Second I think
> you should include something about realtime in your article about jack.
> Newcomers tend to start with just that as their first negative experience
> with linux audio. It could be as short as a pointer to, for example a page on
> low-latency[2] or a link to some distribution[3] that has rt-kernel as
> deafult.
> But keep up the good work. Articles about music and music production is always
> welcome.
> ref.
> [1] http://makinglinuxmusic.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
> [2] http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Low_latency_howto
> [3] http://www.64studio.com/
> PS. You seem to also be a productive musician. Nice. DS.
> /bengan

Christopher ("Airlynx"/"Chip") Van Dan

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