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Paul Neaveill boycotthell2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 12 20:59:07 EDT 2009

Airlynx wrote:
> Hey there everyone,
> I'm in the process of retooling my website and adding a blog aimed at
> beginners to Linux audio.  My next article is going to be a detailed
> description on how use ZynAddSubFX and also a "down and dirty" on how
> to create unique voices for Zyn and save them.  I have a ton of unique
> voices for Zyn that I've created over the years that I would like to
> share as part of the article, but I'm not sure on the best way to
> package them for download.  My initial plan was to save each one as a
> separate .xmz file and zip all that together but would it be better to
> open up the banks folder where they are all saved and zip them up from
> there?
> Also if anybody wants to sharpshoot glaring errors in the articles on
> my blog (all 2 entries so far) it is available @
> http://makinglinuxmusic.blogspot.com
> Thank you for your time
> Christopher ("Airlynx"/"Chip") Van Dan

I visited the site and was pleasantly surprised.  To be honest, not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was, your site seemed logical/methodical in formatting and content. As a matter of fact, wish that you could tweak more than a couple of them there at ubuntuforums.com.  The closest thing to a "weakness" and it was not even that at all,  with the content is that on some ubuntu setups, need to set up a group called audio and make sure your name is in there (yes, there are some other work arounds as well). As a former teacher, one of the things that can bother myself and others is proper spelling and grammar.  Not sure how you will take this, but will offer an A+ each for content, delivery and spelling/grammar.

I liked how you steered clear of the flame/distrowars quite nicely by stating that you use both of them for different things and there are good/ bad things about them. Most importantly, you knew when to stop talking and let it drop. Bravo!! Please teach lessons online.

With all of that said, will say this. Would love to test some of those zynaddsub files for you.   Top notch work.  All in all, I should say that I bookmarked it and am looking forward to (hopefully) regular visits. 

Hope that encourages you,


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