[LAU] latency and hardware monitoring

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Sat Aug 15 20:22:30 EDT 2009

While I'm posting newbie questions...

The Multiface has its own hardware monitoring, its own headphone output, 
and its own very thorough digital mixer with all kinds of internal 
routing options, all configurable from the HDSPmixer program in Linux.

With this being true...

...does latency even matter?  Is there any reason I need to shoot for 
low latency at all if the card is providing its own monitoring functions 
in hardware?  Is there any other benefit in Ardour, Linuxsampler, or 
anywhere else really, to having <5ms latency in Jack?  Just 
wondering...I've been seeing a lot of posts online implying that it's 
just a matter of making laying down new tracks over existing material 
seem less lagged.

If that's all it is, I'd imagine the system could breathe a bit easier 
with less aggressive settings.

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