[LAU] Surround Mixing & Ambisonics

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Aug 16 04:36:36 EDT 2009

Hi Ray!
   I also experimented with 3D sound. I mostly used csound. There are graphical 
frontends to csound. I don't know how well they solve these 3D issues, but it 
maybe worth investigating. I often heard of Blue.
   Csound can de/encode several different speakers setups (including 5.1, or 
similar). There is an HRTF opcode (no there are two sets of them). With HRTF 
you can convert true 3D speaker-based setups to binaural (headphones) 3D. 
There are formulas floating around for different speaker setups.
   In csound you write/somehow put on the screen an orchestra. It is a kind of 
a setup, which tells csound what to wire with what else. Csound understands 
   One thing: I've never used this in realtime, but it should work. You'll have 
to try or ask the concert csounders.
   You might also investigate other synths like csound CLM (Common Lisp Music) 
or SC3 (SuperCollider3) or PD (PureData). they all have their GUIs and they 
all should have something similar. Just ask the GUI-guys, what they prefer, or 
what they can recommend for a beginner.
   Kindest regards

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