[LAU] Wah update

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Mon Aug 17 03:00:20 EDT 2009

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 09:46:06AM +0300, Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
> Ken Restivo <ken at restivo.org> writes:
> > Also, strangely, it uses no CPU, until I play something through it,
> > then it demands a lot of CPU and doesn't stop even if I stop putting
> > sound through it.
> This sounds like denormalize problem. What CPU are you on? Does it help
> if you supply constant low level noise to the input? By using the
> noise from soundcard input for example.

Interesting. The CPU is this:

Once it starts using up CPU, putting sound through doesn't seem to make a difference. It's like it hits a wall as soon as some sound goes in, and doesn't ever back off again.


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