[LAU] Simple, fast, easy notation software?

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Aug 18 14:35:19 EDT 2009

Hi Ken,

At the risk of giving a totally inappropriate answer - I use Noteworthy 
Composer. It's a Windows package and it's not free *dodges tomatoes* but 
it works reasonably well under Wine.

I use it because I first got into digital music production on Windows 
several years before I got into Linux. I've now fully switched to Linux 
but after searching extensively for an equivalent notation editor with 
MIDI, but I haven't yet found anything I like, and habits are hard to 

Noteworthy is fast and simple, and doesn't do anything unless you tell 
it to.

Just my opinion!


On 08/18/2009 06:55 PM, Ken Restivo wrote:
> I'm looking for a simple, fast, easy notation software. The goal is that I can very quickly input a melody line or riff, maybe overlay chord symbols on it, when learning new songs or writing them, so that I don't forget them.
> Something where I could  scribble down "Fake Book"-style charts. Of course there's pencil and paper, but then I have to deal with a music stand and shuffling leaves of paper around. Since I have the laptop sitting in front of me anyway, if I had all my charts in there, I could just page through them, use find to search for them, etc.
> Rosegarden and the lilypond stuff is probably way too much overkill. It's not critical that it have MIDI in/out either, since the output device is going to be eyes-brain-fingers anyway. denemo confused me way too much; couldn't figure out how to do basic stuff in it at all.
> I've played around with nted, and it seems the easiest and closest to what I want, but even it tries to be too "smart" and sticks in things like dotted rests and stuff where I don't want them, and I can't figure out how to move notes in time once it decides to put them there-- frustrating.
> Any other options?
> Again, the typical usage is that a bandleader will sing or show me the melody and I need to note it down very quickly.
> -ken

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