[LAU] Live Creator: Please listen and comment (It's funky)

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 20:01:39 EDT 2009

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 7:49 PM, Carlo Capocasa<theman at carlocapocasa.com> wrote:
> Hey Loki!
> Thanks a ton and a half for your feedback.
> May I follow up?
> Drums: Please chose the approach from below to make the drums more
> interesting that seems more likely to be effective to you:
> 1) Invest a lot in improving the drum timbre, and play with the pattern
> a little.
> 2) Invest little or no time improving the timbre, and focus on getting a
> more interesting pattern, more variations, and a better performance.

3) Invest almost no time and use Brian's templates that sound awesome
with one of the good Hydrogen kits. Mixed a lot louder in your mix
than the current drums.  :)

but out of 1 and 2 i'd run with 1. The pattern isn't as much the issue
as the sound. The only option that makes sense is a bit of both
though. Have the drums a little louder and use a nice hydrogen kit or
much, much better play cheap, crappy real drums or pots and pans, etc.
I use a http://www.peterman.com.au/music/stomp.php puck stomper  for a
kick and tambourine sitting on a blanket and played with brushes.

> Bass: Do you have an example or a different description of what you mean
> with: "round wound strings"?

I mean an electric bass, strung with bright, round wound strings. They
are the normal strings you get when you buy and electric bass.
Flatwound strings are smooth and soft feeling and sound less bright
and more like an upright (double) bass. Flats have a lot more thump
and rounds have more growl. Flats usually cost more than rounds. I'm
playing with rotosound flats on my electric bass at the moment and
they are ok. There feel a little like a flat and sound a lot like a
round. I liked the GHS flats i had on there before and i've heard
great things about thomastik-enfeld.

> Thanks again! Pure value.
> Carlo
> PS: Comments from others to above questions very welcome too
> Loki Davison wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Carlo
>> Capocasa<theman at carlocapocasa.com> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone!
>>> This is the first verse of my debut song Live Creator. It will be the
>>> first in a long series to be released on my site as CC attribution.
>>> http://carlocapocasa.com
>>> Suggested comments: Does it groove? Are there any errors or
>>> imperfections that irritate you? Do you like it? Does the mix sound
>>> different from what you are used to on your audio system? Does positive
>>> emotion come across?
>>> Thank you so much in advance for your help!
>>> Carlo
>> Hey Carlo,
>> It does groove. The drums don't do it for me though. Louder and more
>> interesting would be great. Just grab cheap things to wack and some
>> drum sticks. Some of the jazz or funk hydrogen patterns from brian's
>> bedroom http://briansbedroom.org/ would probably work well too. I
>> human drummer, even on crappy drums grooves a whole lot more though.
>> I'm not a big fan of that bass tone. In that track i'd think of a
>> round wound strings and similar fast notes if you want to keep the
>> funk vibe or flats played with your thumb if you want a more soul
>> vibe.
>> Loki
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