[LAU] Advice on Multiple Volume Settings

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Aug 20 04:01:27 EDT 2009


On Thursday 20 August 2009 01:45:32 Bearcat M. Şandor wrote:
> One of my pet peeves (and i'm sure for many of you as well) is the
> "loudness wars", that is the setting of levels close to digital 0 in the
> recording studio.  If i set my pcm and other volumes to 100% in the alsa
> mixer am i in fact doing the same thing at home?

No, you are not. This is about generic volume in listening environment, not 
about mastering the volume of a piece of music.
You actually want to set all the volumes apart from the last one to a high 
value. Otherwise if the first level is down and you have to turn up the later 
ones to hear something, you amplify the noise more then needed. If all volumes 
are up and you only turn the last one down, the noise introduced by all 
previous gain-stages is reduced too.

Some times its not practical to control the over-all-listening-volume at the 
last stage (which would be the knob at the back of the active monitors), but 
the main control should be one of the last volume-controls in the chain.

Have fun,


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