[LAU] [ot] a little help with bootloaders...

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Aug 20 04:47:56 EDT 2009

   I'm having a bit of a worry over an istallation: I have a computer with a 
windows on the first partition, unfortuintely it must remain there. Then on 
the space behind it I want to install my Linux. How should I go about 
   I could install grub in the MBR right up front, but then I should take care 
of win's bootloader, in any case win is known to simply overwrite another 
bootloader, if it feels like updating. Wouldn't really want to risk it. Is 
there a way to put grub at the start of the Linux partition and make it known 
to win, tat there's another bootloader sitting there, waiting to be started?
   Kindest regards and THANKS!

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