[LAU] audio cd jumpy playback

Antanas Budriūnas antanasb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 05:24:43 EDT 2009

Hi Garry,

2009/8/23 Garry Ogle <garry.ogle at tiscali.co.uk>:
>> sound-juicer and rhythmbox are both Gnome programs that share a lot of
>> dependencies, specifically gstreamer.
>> Try a player that doesn't have those dependencies. I like VLC. It will
>> play just about anything. Aqualung is a good audio/cd player.
>> See if that works.
>> best wishes, G.
> To explain further: you could revert to earlier versions of the effected
> software, but that could be a messy and frustrating process that will
> not ultimately get you anywhere.
> If VLC or whatever works fine, then use that; but upgrade your usual
> software as new versions become available. Hopefully this bug will not
> last long!
> Welcome to LAU! Best wishes, G.

A lot of thanks! VLC playback is flawless.

Antanas Budriūnas

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