[LAU] instructional videos ?

Viktor Mastoridis viktor at mastoridis.co.uk
Mon Aug 24 21:49:14 EDT 2009

> So, what would you like to see from Studio Dave ?

*I. Getting sounds out of midi sequencers.*

I found personally the whole process of figuring how to get Linux Midi
devices make a sound quite painful. I am into Linux for just more than a

1. For Rosegarden, there's an excellent Manual explaining every detail. But
it took me days of reading to understand the philosophy.

2. After 12 months I finally managed to get sound on Muse

3. I somehow figured to get sound on seq24, but even today I don't
understand how to start/stop/forward/rewind that machine easily. (I gave
up). Working in the song editor? Always get stuck.

4. LinuxSampler? Rocket science to me then!

Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy these days working with LinuxSampler,
Rosegarden and Muse, but I wished the process of learning was less painful.

*II. Plugins*.

One presses the 'add plugin' on any application and is immediately inundated
with hundreds of plugins.
 Which one to choose? what are the good, known ones? In Audacity they are
even listed only alphabetically.
I can spend an hour, two or three testing plugins, but I can't spend 3 weeks
testing them all. After 16 months on Linux Audio, I do have my few personal
favorites, but have probably only tested a third of them. Some guidance
there with a video would be really appreciated.

III. Synths*.
Where, what, how to easily set them up and use them? Again, I personally
know a bit about them, probably a third of them, but a nice video with some
options that the synths provide I (and many others) would find very useful.

My 2p.

PS: (afterthought) I teach kids and get them interested in Linux Audio on a
daily basis. *LMMS* seems to be the door for music production for them.
Lately it's been nicely developed and maintained. A *cool video* about the
main features of this graphically beautiful app (with some youngster
clicking the mouse?) will get many young souls interested in the wonderful
Linux Music World.

(I overdone it again!:-)

Hail for your excellent work on spreading the word and teaching us all in
many new and interesting things.


(Oh, oh, one more afterthought:) Apps from the 22nd Century: *Super Collider
* and *Pure Data*. What are these doing? How they do it? Why they do it that
way? Does one disappear if a wrong button/mouse click is pressed? what are
the known planets that these programs are used? Who............
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