[LAU] instructional videos ?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Aug 25 07:23:55 EDT 2009

Aaron L. wrote:
> I second the whole "building software from source" bit.

My next two articles have already been submitted, and guess what they're 
about ?

Rick Boulanger had asked me to provide such a guide for his upcoming 
book on audio programming, so I used that material as a basis for my 
next LJ articles. No video for those though, sorry, but it is an 
in-depth look at the process of building Linux audio software from 
source code packages.

> These sound great!

Lest there be any misunderstanding about the videos: I've been asked to 
make some, I haven't promised a series. I'll try some of the suggestions 
from this list, if they go over well I'll continue them. However, it's 
obvious from the responses that folks want some introductory 
instructional videos. I'm not the only one here with a camera and 
recordmydesktop, so if anyone else wants to step up please do so.

Meanwhile I'll sift through the replies and will decide which topic to 
start. So far I think that the properties of JACK/QJackCtl/Patchage are 
the most mystifying, I'll probably start there. I'll plan on three 
videos to start, that'll carry me through the next two months of 
submissions (assuming the vids are any good and get some decent numbers).

Thanks to everyone who has replied so far, I appreciate the input and 
will consider all your suggestions.



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