[LAU] panning [was: Blender Open Movie Projects: Soundtrack made by Open audio tools!?]

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Thu Aug 27 04:06:15 EDT 2009

Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> Yes but Ambisonics by themselves won't solve problems in as far as
> easily creating a 5.1 panning output system.  5 Channel sure, but that
> extra LFE is a bit troublesome. 

the LFE is totally orthogonal to panning issues. LFE content is routed
discretely, always. so it's quite trivial to handle it with currently
existing tools, if you feel the need. being mainly interested in music,
i always use 5.0 anyways.
if you want to do the nasty and feed some bass content of the 5 channels
into LFE, well, you could even do that now with some EQ. but doing so
would confuse the bass management of home theatre systems and won't buy
you much.

> And until we get a working and easy to
> use 2D panner in Ardour, it will still be lacking in that regards.

well, i'm using one today :)
but it does lack a graphical UI. if this is really perceived as a major
issue, why doesn't somebody write one? it shouldn't be too hard. all it
needs for a really whizz-bang user experience is that each panner can be
remote-controlled MVC-style, and that a global panner widget is
available which shows all channels and allows them to be dragged around.

of course, for 3d panning this beast would have to be opengl so that it
can be turned to various angles... but for now, 2d is good enough, there
are no streamlined 3d workflows in the industry yet that we would need
to compete with.

> There are a few parts to this in fact some of which I am hoping to start
> implementing the basics of sometime later this year myself if I manage
> to have time.

keep me posted.

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