[LAU] another csound vs supercollider question

Dan S danstowell+lxau at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 05:31:16 EDT 2009

There's no real answer to that question, sorry. It totally depends on
factors such as the task you want them to do, and on the machine you
run it on.

(When you say "faster" I assume you mean "most efficient" or sth like
that, by the way. Latencies between audio in and out, or between MIDI
keypress and out, are all basically determined by the subsystem (jack)
and so there's no difference.)

For example, you could easily run a benchmark to decide (on a
particular machine) which of the two could play the most sinewaves at
once without glitching (assuming you've set them to the same latency
etc etc). Or which of the two could granulate the most audio files at
once. Or which could add the most delay taps to an incoming audio
signal. But the results of each of those would (most likely) be
different, and they'd not tell you that much about the actual
music-making situation.

I don't use csound much. But knowing that supercollider was designed
from the ground up for real-time, while csound wasn't, I'd be
surprised if it was generally "faster". But the more important
question is which one suits your needs better.


2009/8/27 cunnilinux himself <cunnilinux at gmail.com>:
> does anybody know how supercollider performs in realtime comparing to csound?
> which one is faster?
> thanxx in advance.
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