[LAU] jackd and jamin: xine disconnects at every song

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu Aug 27 19:32:12 EDT 2009

Le Jeudi, 27 Août 2009 10:23:29 +0200,
<hollunder at gmx.at> a écrit :

> One possible solution for you would be qjackctls patchbay where you
> could set up a persistent connection from xine to jamin. I haven't
> tried it but it could work good enough.

Thanks, this works good, as it establishes automatically the xine ->
jamin connection at every song.  That works.  On the other hand,
xine always conencts to the system sound at every song so there are two
conenctions.  The automatic one configured with qjackctl's patchbay,
and xine's own.  So at the start of each song I have to disconnect the
conenction xine made to leave the one configured by the patchbay alone.

Is there a way with qjackctl to prevent a connection to be made ?  If
it does, the user interface is not that intuitive about it.


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