[LAU] OT: Help finding parts for a CME UF-8

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Sat Aug 29 23:00:51 EDT 2009

I've been attempting to help a friend by trying to repair his CME UF-8 controller. It had a few stuck keys.

I've repaired my own Novation and M-Audio controllers before. It's almost always the contact strips-- those little bubbles of rubber with carbonized contacts that the keys press down on.

Well, these need replacing. But they're totally different than the "standard" kind used on M-Audio and Novation gear. They are weird-looking:


I need 8 of these things (there are 12 contacts per strip). CME is utterly useless. They have no phone number on their website! They don't answer emails. They have a USA distributor, who I've called and called and called, but alas their own official distributor can't get a return email from CME.

I'm getting worried now. This thing has been sitting disassembled and useless for weeks now. Where could I find these parts? Are they used on any other gear? Are there any other sources for it?


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