[LAU] New song

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen sv-e at sv-e.dk
Sun Aug 30 07:47:53 EDT 2009

Llewellyn Beasley skrev:
> Hey,
> I've not posted around here much but I've finished up a song and would 
> like opinions if anyone's interested in giving them.
> The guitars are played by me and recorded in Ardour, the vocals are 
> mine but I sampled them and triggered them using Specimen and my 
> keyboard, I played all the synths which are mostly VSTs but there is 
> some ZynAddSubFX in there too. All the midi was recorded into 
> Rosegarden and the drums are Addictive Drums again triggered by my 
> keyboard. Very interested in hearing comments and such.
> http://www.slavetothesun.com/drupal/sites/default/files/08%20-%20Slave%20To%20The%20Sun%20-%20Untitled_0.mp3
> Cheers,
> Llewellyn
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Hi Llewellyn

I find you piece quite exiting and well done. I desagree with other 
comments about the late strokes on second and fouth beat, if it was 
rigth on spot the drums would be too syntetic for my taste.


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