[LAU] ableton live in vmware

Niklas Klügel niklas.kluegel at mytum.de
Mon Aug 31 07:36:40 EDT 2009

Atte Andre Jensen schrieb:
> Niklas Klügel wrote:
>> I am currently writing something comparable for my master-thesis.
> That sounds very promising. I wish it was December already :-) Are you 
> going to make announcements here, when there's something for us to try 
> out? 
sure. But keep in mind that the whole app is rather radical 
conceptually, although you can sequence similarily to the usual DAW 
> If you're interested others might fell like working on the code 
> base at some point, but I don't know if you plan to release it under GPL 
> or similar...
The whole codebase is geared towards extendability for new features, so 
that other ppl can add more sophisticated functionality later on (new 
datatypes that can be sequenced, different editing-methods, other synths 
and whatnot). The src is already GPL licensed. A public release will 
need some polishing of the code though due to the short time-frame I am 
working in which forces me to sacrifice some code-quality. The major 
stopper for many devs will be the fact that I am developing using JAVA 
(and a little of C for clocking, etc). For a community project this 
choice makes sense though (excellent out-of-the-box dev tools, clarity 
of code, easy cross-platform development...).
>> As a side note, keep an eye on the awesome Renoise, since they are 
>> adding more and more live-features (midi-control/learning for 
>> device-control (fx/synth) etc is already quite good); patterns can be 
>> triggered live but currently not via midi.
> I'm using renoise as my main DAW these days. Not that many things are 
> missing for it to have the basic functionality for live performance, 
> triggering patterns from midi and associated loops being the main things 
> missing AFAICS.
yeah. for me the show-stopper is the lack of a (good) pattern sequencer 
and arbitrary pattern lenghts as well as unlimited f/x rows.

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