[LAU] ableton live in vmware

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 08:42:52 EDT 2009

Robbert Latumahina wrote:
> Atte Andre Jensen wrote:
>> I think an important aspect is if you see you self ready to deliver as a 
>> one-developer company.
>> Renoise is developed by a group of developers, and came from (some kind 
>> of) opensource that got serious/commercial at one point.
>> EnergyXT started as a single developer, closed source project, and has 
>> now evolved into a company with more than one person.
>> Renoise development is going well, users are happy, the application is 
>> stable and a logical roadmap is laid out based on input from users 
>> (including polls).
>> EnergyXT development is a mess. The application is not very stable, 
>> users are flaming the developers at the forum for not listening, and 
>> many users are switching away.
>> I bought both, so for me it's not about the money (what is 50 euros, 
>> anyways?), but I think you'd have an easier time with an opensource 
>> application, especially if you manage to build a development team and a 
>> user base over time.
> Thanks for your input!
> As this is my pet project I do want to keep complete control over 
> development and also keeping the code as compact as possible. Keeping it 
> closed source would secure that for me, that's really the main reason.
> The other (not that important) reason is that I code this in my 
> lunchbreak (and when bored and nobody is looking) via remotedesktop. And 
> putting in more hours is not really possible except working less and get 
> paid for the software. If there's a opensource way around it I would do it.
> Still, I have given myself a year to get to a workable version and in 
> the mean time I will decide how to release it.
If you use GPL software, your software should also be GPL. Do you think 
you can maintain such an app on your own?


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