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Mon Aug 31 10:09:52 EDT 2009

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Gesendet: Mo, 31. Aug 2009
Von: Robbert Latumahina<lists at sensoryoverload.nl>

> Grammostola Rosea wrote:
> > If you use GPL software, your software should also be GPL. Do you think 
> > you can maintain such an app on your own?
> > 
> AFAIK all used libraries like libJack, ladspa, soundtouch and libsndfile 
> are LGPL. So that would not be a problem closed or open -source.
> About the licensing.. I'm very flexible and this discussion does tend to 
> bend my direction to opensource,      so by tomorrow....

A good perspective to see something like a free Live for Linux. But I have not too much expectations. An app like this can'
t be a one man show in developing. I watch the development of Live since ver. 1 and with Live 8 they released their masterpiece in software. This is highly shaped, 99% perfect software and gives the user an almighty and reliable tool for creativity

It is made by a team of coder, interface designer, sound designer , djs and musicians. The concept is still revolutionary and unique in the landscape of daw apps. Live is more then a looper, it is a complete daw with a new paradigm: loops as a basic for arrangements. From the studio to the stage.

Live 8 is Seq24, Sooperlooper, Ardour and Rosegarden, together with jack rack and hydrogen, zynaddsubfx and linuxsampler, guitarrack and xjadeo.... but Live is more then the single pieces: together in one app with "total recall", a perfect workflow.

Ableton with headquarter in Berlin is big thing, they bring together a lot of forces for innovation. http://www.ableton.com/developer-jobs ;)

A "free live", I don't mean a "proof of concept" like most of the music apps for Linux, what been usable for musicians, is a hard piece of work need time, man power, organization. I think, this can't be made by one person, that need a good team of "coder, interface designer, sound designer , djs and musicians" - the first step for the development is to form a team. Then collect the best pieces of free code code and concepts and use this for a "Free Live" -don't reinvent the wheel again. Use the audio engine of ardour, the midi engine of seq24, and all this disorganized scraps of code and concepts put together all this pieces in one really cool free and open daw.

I would be a part of that team.

> Robbert
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