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Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 14:09:41 EDT 2009

Nobody is going to make something more innovative than a microwave oven. It
heats and cooks based on convectional properties, it's a device, with at
least a button to start and stop. Someone invents, others follow. It's not a
deficiency to not have thought of an idea before someone else. You could sue
Paul for trying to recreate Pro Tools that way. But no, all software share
the same fundamental principles upon which they're built.

We create what's necessary. If an idea which has already been thought of and
implemented by someone else works for us, then we implement it as well.
Developers like Paul barely get sufficient funding to sit at the desk with a
pen and paper to orchestrate, design, and invent. People are paid close to 5
figures a month to do just that, while some invest and get residual income
when their ideas are recognised and patented (unfortunately).

When my dad's business needed a custom accounting program, I made one with
GPL tools. I didn't have to do it from ground up, I just had to put together
different works of others.

This is the very essence of free software - people get together with ideas,
or put ideas from somewhere else into working models. Someone does the
sketching, someone does the planning, someone does something. On occasions,
nobody does anything.

Cathedral and the bazaar.
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