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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Aug 31 17:51:10 EDT 2009

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cunnilinux himself schrieb:
>> Some people here (more or less) desperately need a similar application for linux.
> off topic, but...
> people in linux audio scene always DESPERATELY need something just
> like a copy of some fancy (commercial) app on win/mac.

The only things really needed desperately are basics like working
drivers,a flexible MIDI-system, a audioserver designed for realtime and
some apps that implement things like HD-recording, setting
FX/Synth-parameters in realtime, automatisation, pattern-based and
linear sequencing.
How they do it is a matter of individual preferences - it should work
stable is the only consensus I guess.

So no need for despair - the above-mentioned is available. ;-)

Everybody would agree, that it could be improved though and there may be
apps for Mac/Win that still have no free 1:1 competitor for
Linux(elastic audio, melodyne etc). But I agree(if this is you point):
There are no big impossibilities anymore and the stuff, that we have is
different but not inferior.

> that's the main and only reason why linux is (semi-)deficient in the
> pro audio world.

So you think, there should be a stronger "We are what we are and you are
lamers." attitude? This thinking has some appeal to me too but still I
consider this a snobism. Why dont have a fork of Seq24 with builtin
sampler, elastic audio, a plugin interface and a mixer?
Or why not ask Rui to implement a pattern-matrix interface for Qtractor?
Or make one and submit the patch?
Somebody will do it anyway, if there is a need - needed concepts prevail
- - thats evolution.
Whoever is in such a need for an app, that implements all the
functionality currently available in a modular manner in an app as
comfortable as Live, sould go to abeltons website, check the price for
the licence, find some others the same in need and thus fund devs to do
the job ;-)

best regs


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