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Mysth-R mysthr21 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 12:21:52 EST 2009


My band Aide Auditive will make a concert on the KKWNE Radio tonight at 7:pm
UTC (8:pm  for paris).
For this concert we invited Arboreal to improvise with us, and we made it
via *netjack*.
Aide Auditive plays some improvised electronic music.

This was a really good experience to play through internet, and I have to
admit that it works great !
Configuration :

1 laptop with gentoo + pure data.
1 laptop with Debian + pure data
1 desktop with Ubuntu studio + tapeutape, jack-rack, seq24.

Please follow the link if you want to listen our set :


or the direct link :


We hope you will enjoy it.




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