[LAU] Success! An Asus EEE softsynth!

ben brouits at free.fr
Tue Feb 3 09:15:54 EST 2009

Ken Restivo a écrit :
> I'm happy to report that I am writing this from my new EEE softsynth, running an RT-patched kernel, jackd, and several softsynths.
> System info, if anyone is interested, is here:
> http://restivo.org/projects/eee

happy to know that. what EEE model is it?

I have an EEE also (700 family), without an RT kernel, but with rtprio
capabilities set in limits.conf for jackd. The main issue to me is that,
as i extensively use the audio INPUT, i get a lot of periodic audible
overrrun with ALSA for INPUT audio with the in-board soundcard. This is
not a cpu usage issue, though.

What surprised me was that using jackd over OSS layer did work for audio
input, without audible overrun. I wonder why then, using the ALSA api
does not work as well.

The only solution i have for ALSA currently is to use an external usb
cheap interface.

So, i may compile an RT kernel to see if that fixes my issues.
- ben

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