[LAU] MIDI with scales *and* soundfonts

Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Tue Feb 3 10:27:21 EST 2009

I'm trying to set up my USB MIDI keyboard so that it will play through
a synthesizer with a reasonable harpsichord (or for present purposes,
lute) sound and also use tuning tables such as the ones from scala for
meantone tuning.

Running scala itself on my Ubuntu Intrepid system is problematic, and
I haven't gotten it to actually make any sounds yet.  Almost
everything I try hangs without giving me a useful error message.

I can run qsynth with a .sf2 font from hammersound.com and get a
pretty good harpsichord sound, but I don't know how to alter the

I can run zynaddsubfx with a .scl tuning table loaded, but the plucked
string sounds that come with zynaddsubfx aren't anything like as good
as the harpsichord soundfonts.

Has anyone solved anything like this problem? 

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