[LAU] Phonic Helix Board 12 FireWireMKIIcompatibility(linux/ffado)

Simon W. Fielding s.fielding at wmcce.org
Tue Feb 10 09:26:03 EST 2009

>All of which indicates that I would see similar results on my system unless there is some kind of 
>bug or problem that only affects you. In effect, you are seeing  >1000% penalty for the use of firewire. 
>Which is pretty horrific. 
>I've also been looking around for a suitable expresscard firewire adapter and I've come across some suggestions
>that I won't get a firewire audio device working properly on this laptop (Inspiron 9400) regardless of what adapter
>I buy.  o_O

I guess that appears to be the case - unless someone more expert has any better opinions.


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